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Republicans Will HATE This New Yorker Cover

This graphic is so good it HAS to be fattening.  Republicans Will HATE This New Yorker Cover – http://huff.to/1mTVehz


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Senator Ted Cruz Is Not a “Natural Born Citizen” and Therefore Not Eligible to Be President || By Mario Apuzzo

The Mental Meddler:

Another US Presidential candidate who might start another “birther” argument. Oh jeez.  I would get right in this mess too, but simply put, it’s a complex situation with some un-clear legal stipulations, which in my opinion is best left to the courts to decide than for me to theorize than to make an un-educated ruling.  I am not Judge Adam. LOL  So few times in my life can I say “it’s really best being left to the people with the law degrees…”

Originally posted on Jericho777:


Senator Ted Cruz Is Not a “Natural Born Citizen” and Therefore Not Eligible
to be President

By Mario Apuzzo, Esq.
March 25, 2013

It is pretty amazing to see to what lengths some will go to convince us that their favorite political candidate is eligible to be President.
Greg Conterio has written an article in which he concludes that Senator Ted Cruz, who was born in Canada to a U.S. citizen mother and non-U.S. citizen father, is eligible to be President.
The article can be read at
http://www.westernfreepress.com/2013/03/23/birtherism-and-the-tyranny-of-ignorance/?hubRefSrc=email#lf_comment=65580535 .

I do not object to Mr. Conterio having a view that is different from mine on the definition of a “natural born Citizen.
” What is most objectionable is how he goes about attempting to prove that he is correct and others are wrong. In referring to those who do not agree with him, Mr. Conterio uses language such as “…

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